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  • 22 jan New Guild features are coming in Order & Chaos 2 Redemption’s upcoming update!

    This new update will greatly enhance the game guilds and enable them to be a valuable feature as you journey through Haradon’s lands.

    Among the new features that will be introduced in the update:

    Guild Rank - Work together to make your guild more powerful! As your guild rank improves, so will the benefits!

    Guild Skills - New skills within the guild can now be unlocked to improve your ability. The Guild Leader/Officer can research or upgrade the guild skill. There will be three types of Guild skills available: PvP, PvE and Adventure.

    Guild Missions - Take on missions and work together as a guild! The following three types of missions will be available:
    1] Co-op mission: Every day, your guild will get a special mission which will count towards the contribution of your members to complete.
    2] Bounty mission: Prefer to do the missions solo? These are the missions for you!
    3] Weekly mission: Complete a specified amount of co-op missions every week and get the reward for all members.
    The missions reset at 3:00am (Time zone dependent on the server)

    Guild Shop - Get Guild exclusive items on sale in guild shop! Unlock even more items as your guild rank increases.

    Guild Donation - Pay tribute to increase your Guild resources, as be rewarded with guild credit.

    Guild Leaderboard - Compete to be the most powerful and active guild in all of Haradon!

    Gather your allies! Join/Create a guild, team up on your Journey through the Reborn Lands of Haradon!

    Note: this is not the only feature that will be introduced/improved in the update, more details will come closer to the Update!
  • 26 nov [Update notification]

    The update for Order & Chaos 2 Redemption is arriving fast! We have compiled all of the new features and changes related to gameplay

    Ricosta Leon, Sneakers Hautes Homme Noir Schwarz

    This is only part of new content that will come to Haradon, with more to come as Christmas comes closer in December. Stay tuned for more info!
  • 20 nov Winter is upon us in Haradon! The elves and mendels have been tirelessly tinkering to prepare all sorts of goodies and improvements for this special occasion. Put on your holiday cheer hat and stay tuned to find out more!
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Islander Fashions Haut � manches courtes � manches longues imprim� l�opard (14-28) Love Paris
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Islander Fashions Haut � manches courtes � manches longues imprim� l�opard (14-28) Love Paris
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